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She was born in Australia, but the country wants to send her back to alleged war criminals

Tharnicaa was eight months old when Australian Border Force officers burst into her home in rural Australia, and tore her Sri Lankan refugee parents and their children from their new… [...]

'You know that's not true': CNN reporter corrects man who stormed Capitol

CNN's Drew Griffin speaks with Josh Pruitt, a member of the Proud Boys who stormed the Capitol on January 6. Watch "Assault on Democracy: The Roots of Trump's Insurrection" at… [...]

The trio seizing the US Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh, demonstrated their collective power at America's highest court on Thursday. [...]

In North Korea a packet of coffee costs $100, and that's a problem for Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has bigger problems than the United States right now. He needs to feed his people, and his options are not good. [...]

To some, she's a patriot. To others, a domestic terrorist

On a sunny morning in February, as a bagpipe rendition of "Amazing Grace" filled the salt air, Ashli Babbitt's family and friends scattered her ashes into the Pacific Ocean off… [...]

Brown presses GOP lawmaker to denounce new Capitol riot conspiracy

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) shares her reaction to the latest videos released from the January 6 Capitol riot with CNN's Pamela Brown. [...]

US Catholic bishops advance communion document, setting up potential rebuke of Biden

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on Friday proceeded with a plan that would deny communion to public figures who support abortion rights, setting up a potential public rebuke… [...]

A huge backlog at China's ports could spoil your holiday shopping this year

A coronavirus outbreak in southern China has clogged ports critical to global trade, causing a shipping backlog that could take months to clear and lead to shortages during the year-end… [...]

How Russian threats turned this country into a cyber expert

When people like the German Chancellor Angela Merkel or the King of Belgium want to learn more about cybersecurity, they go to Estonia. [...]

Pornhub sued for allegedly serving nonconsensual sex videos

Dozens of women sued Pornhub and its parent company Thursday, alleging that the site knowingly profited from videos depicting rape, child sexual exploitation, trafficking and other nonconsensual sexual content. [...]

Christian Eriksen discharged from hospital after 'successful operation'

Christian Eriksen has been discharged from hospital after undergoing a "successful operation," the Danish Football Association confirmed on Friday. [...]

Hear Putin offer rare praise for President Biden

Speaking during a video conference meeting with graduates from Russia's Graduate School of Public Administration, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised his US counterpart Joe Biden, describing him as a "professional"… [...]

Iranians vote in an all but decided presidential election

Iranians have begun voting in a controversial presidential election that will likely deliver a hardline president who lost the 2017 election and has headed the country's judiciary for the last… [...]

Alleged financier for Venezuelan president says he fears being extradited to the US

He claims he was tortured by the authorities in Cape Verde and that even worse punishments await him if he is extradited to the United States. Alex Saab, the Colombian… [...]

How Trump weaponized the Justice Department

Elie Honig, author of the Bill Barr biography "Hatchet Man," breaks down attempts to undermine the Justice Department during the Trump administration. [...]

Georgia removes 100,000 names from voter registration rolls

More than 100,000 names will be removed from Georgia's voter registration rolls in an attempt to keep the state's voter files "up to date," Georgia's secretary of state announced in… [...]

Utah cheerleading photo incident sends a message

In second grade, my son's class finished the school year by doing theatrical re-creations of the books they had read. Parents even got a flyer announcing the activity with students… [...]

Pregnant women and their unborn babies dying in Brazil as COVID deaths set to pass 500k mark

Brazil is likely to pass the awful mark of 500,000 COVID-related deaths in the next two days. Only the United States has a higher number of dead across the world. [...]

Eriksen discharged from hospital nearly a week after collapse - and visits Denmark team

Denmark's Christian Eriksen has been discharged from hospital and visited his teammates nearly a week after collapsing on the pitch. [...]

Italy imposes five-day quarantine for British visitors over Delta variant fears

Italy is introducing a mandatory five-day quarantine for visitors from Britain from Monday amid growing concerns over the Delta coronavirus variant. [...]

Greek man in court wearing bulletproof vest as he is charged with murder of British wife

A Greek helicopter pilot has been charged with the murder of his British wife after claiming she was killed during a robbery at their home outside of Athens. [...]

Message in a bottle from 2018 found by teen after travelling 2,000 miles

A message in a bottle that travelled more than 2,000 miles (3,200km) has received a response - three years after beginning its epic journey. [...]

Johnson-Putin summit possible if Russia ends 'malign activity', defence secretary says

A summit between Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin might be possible if Russia's president ceases "malign activity" against the UK and its allies, the defence secretary has signalled. [...]

Cattle replaced by fish as South Sudan reels from two years of devastating floods

It is often said that water is a blessing in South Sudan but the people who live in this impoverished nation have been given good reason to reconsider an unquestionable… [...]

Dozens of women sue Pornhub - alleging explicit videos were uploaded without their consent

Two women have told Sky News they were left feeling ashamed and suicidal after explicit videos of them were posted on the world's biggest online porn website - they claim… [...]

Footballers told to stop moving sponsors' drinks at Euro 2020 news conferences

UEFA has asked players to stop moving strategically placed sponsor drinks from Euro 2020 news conference platforms. [...]

Hong Kong police arrest five top executives in raid of pro-democracy newspaper's offices

The most senior editor and four other bosses at a pro-democracy newspaper have been arrested under Hong Kong's new national security law. [...]

England and Scotland play out a goalless draw at Wembley to leave both countries with their hopes of reaching Euro 2020's knockout stage very much alive. [...]

There was a large police presence in London's Leicester Square and George Square in Glasgow. [...]

Planning reforms for England and HS2 rail had dominated campaigning in Chesham and Amersham. [...]

The son of Daniel Morgan speaks out after an inquiry into the Met's handling of his father's unsolved murder. [...]

The party also says people should have the right to flexible practices, such as working from home. [...]

US Catholic leaders begin a process that may call for the president to be barred from Holy Communion. [...]

But the drug-maker faces hefty fines if it fails to supply doses of Covid-19 vaccine over the summer. [...]

In a rare move, the UN condemns the overthrowing of Aung San Suu Kyi and calls for an arms embargo. [...]

But the ex-business secretary says there is also a mental health issue, with some fearful of returning. [...]

The gallery in Shanghai pulls the video piece "Uglier and Uglier" after a backlash. [...]

The officer in the Portland crowd-control team faces an assault charge after last year's race riots. [...]

The impresario had said he'd be willing to be arrested if Cinderella couldn't open to a full house. [...]

The front pages focus on the England v Scotland stalemate at Wembley and the Lib Dem by-election win. [...]

Two midsize fashion influencers speak out about the importance of body positivity on social media. [...]

A selection of powerful images taken around the world this week. [...]

Many protesters are being trained by ethnic armed groups - can they eventually topple the junta? [...]

Petroleum jelly stops a slippery customer from nabbing an easy lunch. [...]

David Wright uses 500 of the colourful 3D puzzlers to create a likeness of the Danish footballer. [...]

The EU has lost a legal battle over its attempt to force AstraZeneca to deliver more vaccines to the bloc. [...]

Ten thousand people are taking part in a government-backed pilot version of the three-day rock festival. [...]

Chesham and Amersham constituents share their thoughts on the Lib Dem victory. [...]

Two newspaper officials are charged with collusion with foreign powers, raising alarm over media freedoms in the city. [...]

UN special envoy Christine Schraner Burgener warns of risk of 'large-scale civil war' following February 1 coup. [...]

While refugees in Aceh get jabs, those elsewhere worry about being forgotten - or arrested as the pandemic spreads. [...]

As tensions ease with Iran, Biden administration moves to put US forces in region on more normal footing, WSJ reports. [...]

Venezuela's president hopes a US deal will open the floodgates to foreign investment and help create jobs. [...]

Guterres, the only candidate for the UN’s top post, said he was 'humbled and energised' by the support. [...]

If Ebrahim Raisi wins Iran's presidential election, as expected, it would put conservatives in control. [...]

Risking division within the US Catholic Church, bishops take aim at a Catholic president who supports abortion rights. [...]

The official vote count gives Castillo a slim margin over rival Keiko Fujimori, who is contesting the results. [...]

The US vice president is encouraging jabs among minority groups whose rates of vaccination are lower than average. [...]

There are growing calls in the US and in Canada to open the border for nonessential travel like tourism. [...]

As Ebrahim Raisi is tipped to win presidential election, some Iranians have contrasting views on voting's true effect. [...]

Countries pay respects to Zambia's late founding father, revered for helping in the fight against colonialism. [...]

Danish FA says Eriksen discharged nearly a week after suffering cardiac arrest during a Euro 2020 match. [...]

AstraZeneca ordered to deliver 80.2 million vaccine doses to EU by Sept 27, but EU wanted 120 million by end of June. [...]

Walmart de Mexico, the country's biggest retailer, told grocery baggers that they need not come back to work. [...]

Alieu Kosiah found guilty on 21 charges, including rape, deploying child soldiers and an act of cannibalism. [...]

We gather the numbers to know from the week’s biggest economic news stories so you can impress your friends. [...]

The PA said the Pfizer vaccine doses received from Israel were set to expire soon and did not meet required standards. [...]

Pekka Haavisto said Ethiopian leadership told him in February that they wanted 'to destroy the Tigrayans'. [...]

The move comes amid a wider effort by Governor Greg Abbott to stop migrants from coming through the US-Mexico border. [...]